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Originally Posted by electricron View Post
You all have forgotten a very important point why a sleeper train between Montreal and New York City is not going to happen! The towns and cities in between are not going to attract as many passengers in the middle of the night as they would during the middle of the day.
Obviously a Montreal-NYC train is reliant on Montreal and NYC, not the mostly empty wilderness in-between. I doubt any such train would even make stops, as that would hurt ridership by lengthening the route time.
Originally Posted by electricron View Post
And make no mistake, New York State is subsidizing this train, no one from Canada is.
NY State wouldn't subsidize this train. That makes no sense. This is a Montreal entrepreneur, and Quebec is the primary beneficiary. If anything, the state-controlled MTA probably doesn't want this train, as they don't want private users clogging overburdened downstate capacity. Even at GCT, there are certain congestion points where outside users make life more difficult for commuters.

I do wish NY State and Quebec would work on fixing the rails through the Adirondacks, though.
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