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Originally Posted by craner View Post
Very cool video.

If they re-do the Deerfoot/Glemore interchange and leave the the existing bridge and only allow for 2 through lanes on Glenmore each direction that will be the height of stupidity. It's unbelievable that two of the busiest roads in Calgary have been underserved with this current interchange for this long.
I've alwas assumed a new parallel span would be built over Glenmore and once complete the existing span would be demolished. Once demo was complete a new southbound bridge for Deerfoot would be built. Basically what they are doing at Stoney and MacLeod.
Since the province first started talking about fixing the Glenmore/Deerfoot interchange in 2009 (?) I believe the plan was to always have at least three lanes on Glenmore. I remember talking to Alberta Transportation people at some open houses and that's what they said and I believe the city has indicated they want Glenmore to be at least three lanes it's entire length. If we end spending $200 to $250 million (?) to fix/expand this interchange complex it would be the height of stupidity to leave Glenmore at just two lanes in the area.

One thing I love about the UDOT example is that it only resulted in a loss of I-215 use for a weekend. If we did something similar we could stage it so that after the new NB (?) span was built we could just roll the new SB span into place right after. There's no reason the replacement span couldn't be built right at the very end of construction of the new span. That way everything would be done at once and we'd have essentially an all new interchange.
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