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Originally Posted by Buckeye Native 001 View Post
That's why I hesitate to say St. Louis is similar, but I'm not at all familiar with that city's topography, at least compared to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

To me, Squirrel Hill and Hyde Park are nearly identical and Clifton and Oakland share similarities as well, although I'm not sure if there's a Cincinnati equivalent to Mexican War Streets (someone else with more familiarity with the two might be able to help?)
i can fuck around with the mixture all day but st. louis isn't entirely dissimilar from cincinnati (which definitely has the deep river city thing down) if it were built on rolling topography instead of a steeply dissected valley...and with a good smoking detroit kick in the ass both good and bad. it has a swath of older (rail served) suburbs that look a lot like metro cleveland mixed with suburban dc...sort of throws things off..
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