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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Read my previous post. No one said that Yonge is a typical Toronto street. And, you're right, it's quite similar to Wilshire, which is the point.

Yonge obviously isn't a typical Toronto street, but it's the archetypal main commercial street through the favored quarter. It runs right through the wealthiest areas in Toronto (and maybe Canada?).

If you look at Bloor, or Queen West, you'll see the same differences (generally narrower streets, newer buildings, lots of concrete and glass, a bit shabby/messy). What neighborhood Chicago street looks like Bloor or Queen West?

And if you compare residential streets, you'll see distinct typologies. Chicago has grander, wider blocks, far more historic streetscapes, Toronto has tons of much more modest semi-row blocks that kinda look UK-ish, and the rich streetcar suburbs start immediately north of downtown. It's like if you could stroll from Wilmette to North Michigan Ave.
You said Younge is a TYPICAL URBAN CORRIDOR in the FAVORED QUARTER earlier. It's not. If that were true, there would be many Younge streets, no?
If you said here is a typical stretch of YOUNGE in the favored quarter, that would make more sense.

Do you want to keep posting one block pictures off Google maps, or should show someone show you an aerial of Toronto?
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