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Originally Posted by 3940dxer View Post
I'm sure you're thinking of Lucas Kiddie Land (AKA Beverly Park), which coincidentally I mentioned this morning in my post about "The Hot Dog Show".
Speaking of Beverly Park...


I know we've seen the this picture of a ride at Beverly Park--with its swanky Cadillac mini-cars--before, but the "search" option here isn't turning those older posts up... anyway, despite a review that, as a writer, would have made me throw myself under those mini-Caddy tracks, I just finished a borrowed copy of Unreal Estate by Michael Gross. It's the kind of thing I am interested in--old Los angeles houses--but I'm afraid Janet Maslin of the NYT was right--there is too much grotesque detail of the trashy lives of celebs and sleazy businessmen in their BH, Bel-Air, Holmby Hills and Beverly Park palazzos--500 pages of it really is enough to make you gag and head for genteel Pasadena. Anyway--apparently Beverly Park was long in development--there were many unbuilt incarnations with various names until the subdivision, as it is today, opened (and what a--how shall I put this?--group the place has attracted). According to the book, the successful developer decided on "Beverly Park" because he'd played there as child....

I might add that while Unreal Estate is finally a really boring read, I read somewhere that HBO has optioned it. I'm not sure how they'd put it all on the screen, but I'll be watching.
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