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Found another picture of the Carlton Theatre:

The car in the foreground is a 1964 Plymouth and one of the cars in the background is a 1961 Chevrolet.


"Address given as both 5409 and 5411 S. Western (between Vernon and Slauson)

Style: Mission Revival
Seats: 1200
Architect: Unknown
From Cinema Treasures:

"My brother and sister and I spent many a Saturday afternoon at this theatre. They had children's matinees every week and for 25¢, I recall, you could see two features plus a cartoon and previews of coming attractions both for the regular theatre and for next weeks childrens matinee on Saturday. My brother was just reminding me of how he saw the Three Stooges in person at this theatre. I remember the candy being 6¢ and 12¢. I would always get ju-ju-bees because they lasted longer. Sometimes I would splurge on a 12 cent box of Flicks - chocholate wafers (before Hershey kisses) that came packed in a box cylinder container. They even had membership cards that were punched each week you attended. When it was your birthday or birthday week, you came up on stage at intermission and stuck your hand into a grab bag full of money and candy and kept everything you could hold on to. BOY THOSE WERE THE DAYS." -- posted by MagicLantern on Sep 17, 2004

Another contributor adds: "The film 'Ed Wood' depicts the premiere of "Plan Nine From Outer Space" (1959) as taking place at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. The premiere was actually held at the Carlton Theatre in Los Angeles."
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