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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
This 'Childrens Paradise' looks anything but. Found on an old CD of mine (no date)

I don't recall the name of the small amusement park that occupied the site of the Beverly Center.
Is this it?.....or was it called something else.....perhaps 'Adventure' something?
I'm sure you're thinking of Lucas Kiddie Land (AKA Beverly Park), which coincidentally I mentioned this morning in my post about "The Hot Dog Show".

Maybe Childrens Paradise was some little corner of Kiddie Land? This photo has been posted on our thread before, but what the heck. Mom and dad took us kids here once or twice and the place became a little family joke. When we took any sort of family vacation or road trip my dad would often quip on the drive home "Do you wish we'd gone to Kiddieland instead?"

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