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Originally Posted by austex View Post
KevinFromTexas, or others....What is the difference {intended difference} between the "City Compilations" and the "Regional Sections". I feel like the Austin threads are one-in-the-same. Are they supposed to cover different topics?
The city compilation thread in the main section of the forum and the Austin update thread are basically intended to be the same. Some people don't always check the Texas section, so having a thread in the main section of the forum allows them to see it. Basically it acts like a more central location with all the other city threads. There are several forumers who used to live in Texas cities who now live elsewhere. They might not always check the Texas section, but having the city compilation thread in the main section can be convenient to them. It's also a way to promote each city's development to more people. Someone from the other side of the country might not care or think to visit the Texas section, but might be curious enough to click on the compilation thread and be surprised at what they see. Just check the city compilation thread vs the update thread here in the Texas section. There's a far more diverse group of people posting in the compilation thread, even some international forumers. The other thing is that some of the cities that have their own thread in the city compilation section might not have their own regional section on the forum. For instance, there's a thread for Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia, but there is no regional Australian section on the forum. There used to be, but a lot of the Australian forumers started their own dedicated forums about their cities and their numbers dropped big time, so that section of the forum was removed.
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