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Originally Posted by Dac150 View Post
Not the nature of this city and history will tell you that. That’s why the preservation commission was created, to preserve valuable structures and prevent causalities such as Penn Station from occurring again. As I said, in some form or another, the city will find a way to accommodate growth without elimination of what’s worth preserving.
like they do a good job of that,if it was up to them they wouldnt destroy any block of cement placed before 1990.i like the way the city used to think,planning for the future like it did when it allowed buildings like 40 wall st,the ESB and Chrysler to be built. but like i said Manhattan cant magically grow so sooner or later the only place to go is up. population will increase and so will the workforce that will flow in from the city,the country and the world. we will need that space esspecially when the city wont alow places like Soho and Greenwich to be redeveloped.
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