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Originally Posted by NYguy View Post
Which is why you see initiatives like the Hudson Yards rezoning. It's where the next major expansion of commercial space in Midtown will take place. And it has NOTHING to do with height. Skyscrapers are built for practical reasons, and as you should know, it's only practical to build commercial office space up to a certain height. New York is not some "new on the scene" city that needs to build a supertall for the sake of attracting attenion and saying "look at me, I'm a big city too...".
NYguy your rlly missing my point...once the hudson yards is completed Manhattan will be OUT of new developable space so all im implying is that they should build big here to accommodate for Manhattans future. if theres no more space we cant build, and if we cant build to meet the needs of a new era Manhattans role will slowly die out,one of Manhattans greatest advantages is the fact that it always had been able to produce new spaces for buissness and living but we cant continue that tradition without new places to build so why not build big on Manhattans last chance on new undeveloped land so we can continue to provide spaces for new yorkers and the world to work and live.
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