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Originally Posted by bobdreamz View Post
Here is the problem with this deal :

Brightline may only charge passengers between Aventura and Miami 65 percent of what it would cost to ride one of the company’s trains from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, currently the next stop after downtown Miami. Using today’s fares, that would make a one-way ride to Aventura about $9.75, more than four times the $2.25 Metrorail charges.

“How many people are we actually going to serve here? Because it’s not a commuter rail,” said Commissioner Joe Martinez, who represents a suburban district miles away from the county’s Metrorail system. “The fares, I think, will be out of the reach of a lot of people.”
On unsubsidized trains, fares must pay the costs to build and run the trains or the privately owned company loses money and eventually goes bankrupt.
While subsidized trains makes fares low - sometimes to zero - everybody pays for it with some form of taxes whether you take the train or not. All you do is mask how much when you take the government subsidy route, and redistribute the costs from those who specifically use it to everyone who pays the taxes.
Of course fares will be higher when you limit the cost to those who specifically use it..
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