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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
Yes and No. The US wasn't really that urbanized, however what was urbanized was centered on the Northeast and Midwest in 1920.

The Urban Population as a Percentage of the Total Population by U.S. (1920, 2010)

US: 51.2%
Northeast: 75.5%
Midwest: 52.3%
South: 28.1%
West: 51.8%

90 years later:

US: 80.7%
Northeast: 85.0%

No surprise here. The US has increasingly become more urban in every region. 2020 will probably show that the midwest is the least urbanized region.
The 2010 numbers are mostly due to the growth of suburbs so this stat can be somewhat misleading. What was considered urban in 1920 was much more urban than what is considered urban today.
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