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Originally Posted by iheartthed View Post
Nonsense. Plenty of things can be done. We just need to wait until a baby gets eaten by a bear for people to pay attention.
Baby's get eaten by animals not infrequently and have for two centuries of westward expansion. that isnt going to change

If the topic is sprawl, of COURSE we can do something. Many cities (including several in the US) have significantly slowed sprawl. My city sprawled like hell until we made counties and cities plan and limit outward growth, and accept infill. It's difficult but can be done.
I'm not talking about "sprawl" necessarily I'm talking about people and money developing smaller towns and cities into bigger towns and cities over the coming decades specifically in the areas that are still quite undeveloped in the Mountain West and Great Plains

Obviously that will result in local sprawl. But how each place deals with its growth is largely a local matter and dependent on how people view sprawl and suburbia in the future.
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