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I would still argue that the USA is largely undeveloped.

100 years ago we were just barely leaving the "wild west" there were still saloons, cowboys and Indian Wars right up through WW1. Most people today dont realize how close that seemingly mythical era really is to us because in Europe things were already very modern and mechanized.

The growth of the sunbelt and inter-mountain west is just the natural progression of money from developed areas chasing new opportunity.

This Is why I still expect that flushing out this century we will see more of the inter Mountain west like Idaho, Montana, the Dakotas, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming etc. There is still a ton of land that can and will be developed as technology and wealth from earlier developed areas can suddenly make harsh areas more livable and productive.

What I think is interesting is what will happen with communication technology on where people choose to live. Just like we are seeing people actively choose to live in urban areas when they dont actually have too I think you will see people move to smaller quieter areas if that appeals to them.

You dont really need to be anywhere specific in most cases anymore. Analysts and bankers dont need to be within shouting distance of each other in NYC like its 1880.

I think we will really see some surprising developments as people become more able to live wherever they want.

I still expect the cities to grow immensely however, but it doesn't take a lot of high wealth guys with an internet connection moving to Bozeman or Lincoln Nebraska to change how that town operates and the services/products that will be needed to support them.
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