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Originally Posted by emathias View Post
There needs to be some centralization for efficiency. Steel sharpens steel - to get the most out of your talent, it needs to have other talent to compete against and, like it or not, people need proximity to get the most out of competition. Distance can be overcome, but only to a certain extent.
Does it have to be this way for efficiency? For example, finance has always been centralized in New York and Chicago but there has been cities that also rose with and obtained their own famous institutions like San Francisco, Omaha, Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, etc. Media, whether it is television, movies, etc, is centralized in New York and Los Angeles, but still has visibility in Chicago, Atlanta, Jacksonville ( at one point) and probably a few others I don't know about.

The major centers of course can still be important, but it's beautiful when other cities are able to have sizable piece of the pie too. It would solve congestion problems and give people more options.
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