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Originally Posted by pip View Post
I'm from Boston. If I want to go home for the weekend of 12/6 - after the Thanksgiving thing.

For the cheapest tickets it will cost about double for a round trip ticket, I will need to get to Milwaukee - a few hours, there are 5 trains a day from Chicago to Milwaukee I believe, and the train schedules don't line up with the flights.

There are roughly 27+ non-stop flights from Chicago to Boston a day and 2+ from Milwaukee. It costs almost double from Milwaukee for the cheapest tickets - layovers or not, there is less schedules to choose from and I need to spend a few hours to get to Milwaukee and a few hours to get back assuming the train schedule lines up with with the flight - or I can take one subway line to O'Hare
Obviously if you live ridiculously close to O'Hare then there is nothing to gain by going to Milwaukee. You could also go to Midway to avoid O'Hare. But, as was discussed upthread, there are people who live in Chicagoland that have more equitable factors under consideration when deciding between ORD and MKE.
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