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Originally Posted by Razor View Post
I almost want to think that the Milwaukee and Chicago relationship is similar to what Toronto and Hamilton have, but I think it's more of an Ottawa-Montreal thing.
for sure.

chicago and milwaukee are nowhere near as tied together as toronto and hamilton.

a big part of that is simply the much greater geographical distance between them.

another big part is the fact that chicago and milwaukee are located in completely different states, unlike toronto and hamilton.

and the 3rd pillar of separation is major league sports. chicago and milwaukee DO NOT cheer for each other's teams, with the minor exception of the blackhawks because milwaukee does not have an NHL team.

city hall to city hall distances, as the crow flies:

montreal to ottawa: 103.7 miles

chicago to milwaukee: 81.2 miles

toronto to hamilton: 36.9 miles

if you're looking for a city pair in the US like toronto/hamilton, look at dallas/ft. worth, DC/baltimore, or san francisco/san jose.

all of those pairs listed above are far more intertwined with each other like toronto/hamilton than chicago and milwaukee are.
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