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I almost want to think that the Milwaukee and Chicago relationship is similar to what Toronto and Hamilton have, but I think it's more of an Ottawa-Montreal thing.
That being, the distance is more similar (just over 1.5 hours vs 45 minutes), Milwaukee is still a classic medium sized metro (in the U.S context,) with it's own bigger city/major league stuff happening and ditto for Ottawa within it's role in Canada, yet both Ottawa and Milwaukee have the even larger city to take advantage of for flights, etc.As a sidebar, I wish Lavergne and Shirley had a Chicago based episode where Lenny and Squiggy got lost in Chicago or something..haha I know that it may be a stretch, but does Buffalo benefit from being close to Toronto?..I know that having the NFL in Buffalo makes it a close option for Torontonians..Kingston is also in a fairly good situation..a few hours to Montreal, Toronto, and 1.5 to Ottawa..Also close to the border for cheaper flights and other cross border amenities..Red Deere is also another city that comes to mind. Halfway to either Calgary or Edmonton..Imagine if there was more European style HSR connectivity to all cities mentioned in this thread?.It would be game changing.

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