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Originally Posted by SpireGuy View Post
Ann Arbor and Detroit! AA has access to a bigger city plus DTW in a way that Madison, WI cannot.
Ann Arbor is in Washtenaw County, which makes up the Ann Arbor micropolitan area which is a part of the Detroit CSA. Ann Arbor, though it has its own "feel", still depends too heavily on metro Detroit to be considered separate. Most metro Detroiters would consider Ann Arbor part of metro Detroit before they considered it its own metro area.

Windsor also depends heavily on the Detroit area, and Windsor never would have become what it is if Detroit was never successful. That comment might receive flak from Windsor forumers, but if the auto industry never took off in Detroit Windsor would still be a small town.

Toledo is a better example of a standalone metro that benefits from being close to a larger metro. Toledo has about 275000 residents and the metro is about 610000. It lacks a large airport, a lot of large corporations that bigger metros have, and plentiful attractions. Toledo also strongly benefits from Detroit's auto industry.
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