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Originally Posted by Will O' Wisp View Post
Not really....

The Lake Elsinore/Temecula area lies within a bit of a gap in the SoCal regional planning structure. The territory itself lies within SCAG, but its more of a commuter region for SANDAG's North County San Diego than SCAG's job centers in the LA basin. So when SCAG does its analysis it sees the region as being extremely far from jobs, making it less desirable for housing, when in reality it's still reasonable close to a job center that's just outside of SCAG's jurisdiction. SCAG could do some sort of joint analysis with SANDAG if it wanted to, but considering there's zero transit in the area Sacramento isn't exactly going to be encouraging. In the end the area is receiving a very low housing requirement, and anything else that gets built there won't be receiving any help fighting off the NIMBYs.
Metrolink is already in place, with the possibility of future expansions.

For instance, the city of Perris in Riverside County is 71 miles southeast of Los Angeles and 81 miles northeast of San Diego, has two Metrolink stations in operation and since 2000 has more than doubled in size.

2000 36,189
2010 68,386
2018 79,133
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