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Of course all the wealthy suburbs are resistant. The homeowners benefit from scarcity in property value. Of course frankly a 1300 sq ft 1960's era tract home should never sell for 600K in places like Downey, but eh.
Guess they will have to accept that if they want to keep a booming economy locally that benefits from people spending money there, they need to make room for it.
How? Turn the strip malls and shopping centers along major Blvds into 5 and 6 story mixed use structures with retail and some parking below, and residential above. Any new Wal Mart or Target should have a parking structure and residential on site, no more giant lots that waste space. Implement townhomes and zero property line homes in denser parts of the city. designate some high rise areas for condo towers. Start creating people movers in each city that somewhere connects to one of the rail lines. These are not revolutionary changes.

No more big lot single family homes ca be built in these areas, so time to densify.
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