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At the very least he is talking building height. The location is very close to the airport and flight path. Also this part of Las Vegas Blvd isn't really built up being a combination of empty lots and suburban development. If the station was next to the strip or downtown Las Vegas then the build could be very similar to Miami.

The empty lot for that block does provide room for expansion. That said the location also limits how much the area beyond that lot can be built up. The lot is right next to an Interstate. That and again the location being so close to the airport and near/in the flight path limits how much the immediate area can be built height wise. I really wish the station was built in or near downtown Las Vegas instead. The only plus side is that the site will be easier for me to reach.

I was surprised to hear 180 MPH. I thought the target was only 150 MPH. I wonder if he maybe misspoke. Will be interesting to see how the average speeds will be by only running within the median. I-15 also has a huge amount of elevation changes and some of the grades are a bit steep.

I agree that San Bernardino would be the better choice for all the reasons you noted.
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