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Originally Posted by Sun Belt View Post
I don't know.

Dallas has a huge head start in terms of development of an expansive mass transit system than LA did. Remember, LA didn't have a single rail line in a city/metro of 10 million+. Dallas already has this at much smaller population figure.

CAHSR is basically dead in LA, while Texas moves along in their plans. -- or at least last time I checked?

Los Angeles' first modern rail transit line (Metro Blue Line) opened in 1990; Dallas' first rail transit line opened in 1996. By 1996, LA already had the Blue, Green and Red Lines. And Greater LA already had commuter rail beginning in 1993... not sure when Dallas' commuter rail line opened.

And, per Wikipedia (not sure of the accuracy):

Dallas' DART system (bus and rail): 185,753 daily ridership

Los Angeles Metro/LACMTA system (bus and rail): 1,259,017 daily ridership
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