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Originally Posted by Tom In Chicago View Post
With regards to LSE/New Eastside TIFs - I don't even recall Magellan ever talking about going to the city for TIF funding. . . separately with regards to the public school (I think someone mentioned it recently) I don't think they're on the hook for that. . . from what I recall the ball was in the Chicago Public School's court to decide if a school in the area was even warranted. . . seems like GEMs has - to some extent - fulfilled the need for a school in the neighborhood. . .

. . .
IIRC, Magellan would still be on the hook for building the new school... but Magellan and Ald. Reilly had indicated that CPS didn't have the budget to staff and operate it.

That always seemed like a too-convenient excuse to me, they were able to double the size of South Loop Elementary.

Of course, if no school gets built, then families with school-age children are probably gonna avoid LSE and go to other areas where schools are more convenient - even though LSE with its ample open space would seem to be ideal for kids vs. a more concrete jungle environment.
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