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Originally Posted by LittleBoy View Post
This. Is. Amazing.

Great work, absolutely blown away by the scale and detail of this. Have a few questions.

1) How accurate is the scaling on the buildings? Was it mostly guesswork or did you have a system for measurements?
2) Do you design each building from scratch or do you utilize some sort of starting point, tweaking minor design elements for each building?
3) How do you create a realistic street-feel within your city? Is that all added from rendering?

Sorry if these are stupid questions, just feeling very inspired and would love to do something like this for my hometown. If you also have any recommendations for good guides I'd love to check them out.

Again, great work, and looking forward to your next update.
Thanks! Here's some answers to your questions.
1) I have a system for measurements. It's not totally realistic, but it helps me to work more efficiently.

For most buildings in the city blocks I use a frame depth of 18 meters. It's a couple of meters thicker than usual in real Finnish cities, but I feel it looks more realistic in this model. Some taller, larger buildings have even a bigger frame depth. Once I get out of the city center and to the suburbs, I will make thinner buildings of course.

The textures I have scaled so, that the floor to floor height is 3.5 meters. For modern commercial buildings this should be more to be realistic, but I wanted all buildings to have the same floor height so the distance effect in the renders wouldn't be messed up. As the render engine i use (Twilight Render) is not that good in expressing the depth in model - or the distance of elements from the camera - the buildings with bigger floor to floor height would look like they are closer compared to buildings with lower floor height.

2) Most every building is modeled from scratch. The roof equipment (chimneys, HVAC equipment etc.) are Sketchup components, so them I can just paste on buildings.

3) By "realistic street-feel" you mean those cars and people? They are Sketchup components from the 3D Warehouse I only use in those certain scenes. They are not saved in the main model.
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