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I can't remember the last time we went over 36 hours between posts, so let's set the ball rolling again with a stabbing and suicide. As you'll see from the newspaper article after the photos, USC's description is a little misleading:
Stabbing and suicide, 19 April 1954. Edgar Byrd (nurse); Robert L. Newstetter (victim) -- 33 years; Officer Robert Boyle; John Leppold (officer).; Caption slip reads: "Photographer: Snow. Date: 1954-04-19. Reporter: Seifer. Assignment: Cop stabbing & dead stabber (Stabs cop then commits suicide). 3/4: Nurse Edgar Byrd bending over stab victim Officer Robert L. Newstetter, 33, at Georgia street. 51/52: Suicide note on dash. 5/6: Sheriff's officer Robt. Boyle holding suicide hose. 25/26: Officers Robt. Boyle & John Leppold looking thru window at body".

All from USC Digital Library

The car looks like a 1949 Chrysler Windsor Coupe.

Here's the report from the April 20, 1954 edition of the LAT. Note that the dead man in the pictures is actually Albert Schier (not even mentioned in USC's description). The article also includes the scratched note on the dash seen in the second image, and says that Detective Newstetter was treated at the recently featured Georgia Street Receiving Hospital.
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