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The ESB is on its way to not even being the 10th or 11th tallest. Which is f**** nuts when you think about it. Like you said, 10 years ago, nobody would of thought.

We also will look forward to the HY Phase II development which will be about the same square footage as Phase I. With that said, the proximity properties to HY will no doubt yield more super talls.

I think Phase II HY will see bulkier, but shorter towers (compensate with bulk), so I'm not getting my hopes up, but nevertheless, its still good news. The prospects to look forward to are the surrounding parcels.

Hopefully 2 WTC can land a tenant or a series of tenants. Silverstien has had a lot of leasing success, recently too, with 3 WTC, so if he could snag a couple of smaller tenants to meet the minimum commitment, might yield in it rising.
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