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Originally Posted by DizzyEdge View Post
Vellu, wonderful work. How much time did it take you to create the very first image in the first post of this thread? I'm considering using Sketchup to create just a few buildings (about 1/4 of your first photo) so I can create video fly-pasts so I'm curious how much time I'm going to need to spend.
Thanks, DizzyEdge, and apologies for my late reply. The very first scene? I don't remember that well anymore, but I think the modelling took me about 2-3 hours and maybe an hour or two more to find good source material for the textures and to make the textures. So maybe about five hours but could've been more.

I have a kind of bad news for Halvoo. During summer - after watching many YouTube videos about it - I finally started playing Cities: Skylines after thinking about it since it came out. I'm afraid it's a game to my liking, so it means I have lot less time for Halvoo. I try to put some work into it from time to time, but updates will be quite rare for the time being. That said, here IS and update. The third section is nearing completion.

Section003_pic32 by Vellu04, on Flickr

Alttotorni Tower has been completed. It is 115 meters to the roof, which makes it the fifth tallest building in Halvoo.

Section003_pic33 by Vellu04, on Flickr

A view from north.
Section003_pic34 by Vellu04, on Flickr
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