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The Dunbar Hotel-Central Avenue

Hi folks!

Here's something you might enjoy from my video archives. If memory serves, this was shot in August 2012 and finds us on Central Avenue which was the center of African-American life back in the days of segregation. Not a heck of a lot is left over there, but there are a number of landmarks that remind us of the area's rich history. In this installment, we take a look at the historic Dunbar Hotel located at 4225 Central Avenue. We mostly take a look at the "21st Century Plan" for this landmark which includes low income & senior housing. However, the part you folks will enjoy is our walk through of the construction site which takes place a little half way through the piece. The interesting (and maybe sad part) is that the full restoration of this hotel was supposed to have been completed by February 2013, but as of this writing the hotel remains somewhat incomplete. I don't know why, but the group I interview for this piece, CRCD, seems to have ceased operations. I know their former PR person, so I will check in with her to see what the deal is. This group successfully revamped the nearby 28th Street YMCA which we did a piece on. I'll post that at another time.

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