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Wilshire & Cloverdale/Miracle Mile

Originally Posted by BifRayRock View Post
Feb 25, 1930

Images from USCDigital
I'd say the Dominguez Wilshire/Myer Siegel (Morgan, Walls & Clements, 1930) was improvement on Sackett's & Colville's

csu dominguez hills arcives



I wish I could read the rooftop sign, on the extreme right in the construction photo above, on 5505 Wilshire, across from Desmond's. Anyone know what it was?

And another construction photo, because it makes a nice pair with the one following it.
Security First National Bank, La Brea Branch (Stiles O Clements/Morgan,Walls & Clements, 1929) 5209 Wilshire. One can see the west tower of the existing Security Bank building was demolished to build this. Shown before Rufus Keeler showed up with the black and gold glazed-terra cotta clading and before the Wilson building moved in next door to the west.



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