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Rail Line in Long Beach

Browsing through this thread, I have seen a lot of posts about the old red car rail lines.

I stumbled upon this one day when looking up directions in Long Beach.
I have created a Google map that highlights where the now abandoned route went.
It is very interesting in that Long Beach never restructured or rebuilt the area and most of it is an empty stretch of land. There are a few parks, houses, storage yards and the like. The best part is that the land was never altered and the homes were built on a diagonal from the rest of the neighborhoods!

Check out the map I made, and the pins that go along with it. Start from the northern tip of the map and make your way down the historic rail line!

Note: it is best to zoom in a little, but note that halfway through the map freaks out for a minute, so you may need to zoom out a bit and then zoom back in.
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