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My obsession with the Villa Carlottas

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

It is so cool that you actually lived at the Villa Carotta! Do you have any photos from your time there?
Whenever I hear the name I think of Carotta Valdez in Hitchcock's Vertigo (one of my favorite movies).

link to Fab's previous Villa Carlotta post.

Sadly, I don't have any pictures from my time there that show much of the apartment. We were major party kids back then and usually couldn't focus well enough to take pictures! BTW, Vertigo is one of my all time favorites as well!

However, I have been collecting pictures of the place for years. I had a friend of a friend who sub-let there for six months a couple of years ago and I was able to drive up from San Diego and explore the place again. It is very hard to describe, so here are a few more shots from my collection.

The lobby and courtyard are really magical. I love the natural patina that has enveloped everything, complimenting its age and charcter. The lobby has beautiful arched windows and doors to the courtyard:

As I stated earlier, many apartments are townhouse style and quite spacious but even the studios are huge. A 1930's write-up, that I came across years ago, boasted that "even the studios are large enough to fit a grand piano in the living room!". Its true. Here are some interior shots that I have collected:

A typical funky living room in a two story unit. That is the dining room/kitchen entrance behind her.

There are five arched windows and one arched french door to the courtyard.

One bedroom has a juliet balcony overlooking the courtyard.

the bathroom

This shot was from an article in Metropolitan Home magazine a couple of years ago, shortly before it ceased publication. This designer had redone a studio at the VC, so the shot gives you an idea of how spacious the studios are.

All photos are from personal collection
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