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Love that dancing city hall, e_r. Oh, the girls too. And I never knew that the Pan-Pacific was ever pink. I just assumed it was always its later green color. I've been workin' on my Berkeley Square blog when I have spare time on the computer. The story of #18 will be posted this week--seven more houses after that plus a few other items, to come. And yes, I am shameless enough to provide the links again here:

latest post:

or, if you want to start from the beginning with "Beginnings":

Re the pic above: Have we talked about The Los Angeles Book before? A nice old book about the city in 1950 by Lee Shippey and Max Yavno. I got it for next to nothing on ebay, but there sometimes cheap ones at Amazon. (I would not say you should go so far as the $90 Collector's edition...)
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