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Wow, wow, wow! I'm really enjoying the Raymond Hotel/Raymond Hotel Station pics. I've actually seen some of these pics before, being of course that I'm really into my town's history. I live near the site of the old hotel, I guess you can say I live at the base, or end of the southern slope, of what the locals call Raymond Hill (I was never sure if the hill is officially called Raymond Hill) near Garfield Park. Maybe some day I'll take some pictures of Raymond Hill, being that Raymond Hill Road is actually the old driveway of the hotel (what is now used as a bus shelter at the southeast corner of Raymond Hill Rd. and Fair Oaks Ave. was originally built as a waiting station for the PE streetcar stop at the entrance to what was then the driveway to the hotel), and there are even old retaining walls and such that still exist, and I assume some of the palm trees that are there date from the hotel era. The hill itself is now covered with post-WWII-era apartments. A popular restaurant called The Raymond is actually inside the old caretaker's cottage that still exists, but technically it's on the city of Pasadena's side of the city line.
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