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Could the building in the photo be the old River Station, where the Corn Field State Historic Park is now?

There was a local news story about it about a year ago-- to read and watch the video of the news story, click here.


And from the LAPL, here's a picture of the interior of the Arcade Depot:

According to the LAPL, the Southern Pacific Railroad built the Arcade Depot in 1885 in competition against Santa Fe Railroad. It replaced the adobe house of William Wolfskill and its surrounding orange grove, the largest in Southern California. It was demolished in 1914 and replaced with the Central Station, a larger and more modern railroad passenger depot. It, too, was later demolished. I realize now that the site of the Arcade Depot is now occupied by a large warehouse-type building.

BTW, I love the 1908 map of Los Angeles, ethereal. I like looking at the now vanished street grid, before the freeways and before the destruction of Bunker Hill. It's also cool to see 10th Street denoted as such before it was renamed Olympic Blvd.
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