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GaylordWilshire....could the mystery building in the old high school pic be this one.....or is the Arcade Depot too far south?
I'm thinking that the Commercial Station on this map is the one in the picture, the Arcade Depot being too far south on Alameda. The San Pedro RR station (Commercial Sta) was built in 1869; the SP took over the line and station in 1873, which I'm guessing was the main station (enlarged by the time your pic was taken) until Arcade was built in 1888. Looking at your map, I think that Poundcake Hill is too close to the first city hall (going by the other picture I have in a book showing the school with the same young trees, with city hall to the right in the distance--taken maybe from Grand and California/Sand) so I'd say that the picture you posted below is the school soon after it was moved to Ft Moore Hill in 1887. Looking at your map, I think maybe your picture was taken toward the south from Grand St or Bunker Hill Av nr Ord, so that city hall would have been behind it. (Hope this makes sense.)
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