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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Earlier, I forgot to post this photograph of the old High School and it one of the best.
Here it sits proudly on the hill.

There is one other reason I wanted to post it.
I've been intrigued by the rather large elongated/horizontal building
in the distance. It almost looks like a train shed or livery stables.
Whatever it is, it's quite impressive for this early date.

Does anyone know what it is? Scott, Beaudry, Sopas_ej, GayloreWilshire?
I have an old book, Yesterday's Los Angeles (part of series covering various US cities) that includes a picture of the first HS from this same time (same young trees surrounding it)--with the first city hall off to its right. From that picture's angle, the large horizontal structure would be behind it. The same book also has a picture of the depot of LA's first railroad (apparently begun Oct 1869, to San Pedro/Wilmington), which the caption says was at Commercial and Alameda. This is a picture of the same depot:

The big building could be that first depot enlarged after the Southern Pacific took over the LA-San Pedro line in 1873, or another, bigger one in the same location. It seems to me that Commercial and Alameda might be the location of it given the angle of ethereal's photo.

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