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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Here's a photograph of the ill-fated Los Angeles High School on Olympic.
This was the third L.A. High School.

usc digital archive

Yeah, after reading about the 1870 doorway going there and I didn't know anything about that school...I took a "bing maps" flyover and could only think "what the h---?" -- this'un on Olympic & Rimpau was John C. Austin, a half-million dollar (10,517,000 USD2008) tudor-gothic that, when it opened, there was a lot of public grumbling that it was too far from the city. It was surrounded only by barley fields and dirt roads. Those pictures on Franklin Ave are really heartbreaking.

Thirty-five other schools suffered major structural damage via Sylmar but the only other school to be demolished was Van Gogh Elementary in Granada Hills. It seems like this school, famous as the school of Thurmond Clarke, Fletcher Bowron, Norman Topping (and the setting of Room 222 for pete's sake) could have been shorn up and retrofitted.
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