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Thanks for all the comments!

Originally Posted by plinko View Post
From my house in no traffic it's exactly 1 hour to the Lake Street exit on the 210. Given how lousy the traffic always is on the other side of the hill, Pasadena is a common excursion for us when we head down to LA. Great walking city, great collection of architecture and restaurants.

If you've never been, figure out how to get a tour of JPL. What an amazing place.
JPL is amazing, but I've only been there once, back in high school. During my senior year, for extra credit in our physics class, a few friends and I went there and took a tour. That was over 30 years ago, I'm sure JPL is much more amazing now.

Originally Posted by LosAngelesSportsFan View Post
Awesome area.. Used to be rundown and losing all the bungalows about 30 years ago.. Now it's a historic neighborhood with protection and its basically impossible to buy a house for less than 900k
I almost went to Bungalow Heaven and took pictures, but I was pressed for time that day. Maybe another time, if I'm not feeling lazy.
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