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Originally Posted by Obadno View Post
I dont think anyone would say Chicago is a hub for mexican peoples and culture, they would for say Polish or Italian, or Irish (and long long ago French). Even if their are more Mexicans in Chicago by absolute numbers than those other groups these days.

Thats my take anyway
Originally Posted by Steely Dan View Post
your take is radically outdated.

that's my take anyway.
I think that his ignorance is just like so many other coastal persons' ignorance - they think because Chicago is in the center of the country it couldn't possibly actually have anything to offer the rest of the country, let alone the world. But I mean, come on, there's even a Latino and Chicago-specific nickname: Chicaganos.

Chicago is home to people like Sandra Cisneros, has a high school named after Benito Juarez, has the National Museum of Mexican Art (which, according to Wikipedia, is the only Latino museum accredited by the American Alliance of Museums) - and at nearly 40 years old has lasted longer than most other Mexican or Mexican-American museums in the United States. Mexican culture here has also corrupted hot dogs with a so-called "mother-in-law" that is like creating a chili-dog out of a tamale in place of a frank.

Speaking of food, Chicago doesn't just offer "Mexican restaurants," but restaurants specializing in distinctly regional Mexican cuisines. One the food manufacturing side of things, La Preferida and Milagros started in Chicago and are now national brands.

There's no denying that the Southwest has a greater influence on Mexican-American culture both by virtue of being adjacent to the motherland, and by having had either completely dominant or strong plurality of Mexican and Mexican-American populations for centuries. But as far as contemporary influences go, Chicago holds its own and has a lot to offer to both Latin Americans specifically of Mexican heritage and other Latin Americans, too.
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