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Originally Posted by Docere View Post
^ That's my point. The Hispanic population in Cleveland is mostly Puerto Rican.
yes, that is who was recruited for factory work. in fact as a group they may have been the last of that historic heavy industrial era, along with appalachians.

currently, for latinos cle proper still sees more from pr, and lately central america, than mexico.

otoh, columbus is very funny to me. when i lived there, not 'that' long ago, you could literally count the mexicans who lived there on one hand. nowadays of course, columbus is a-booming and gets most of the immigration in the state, pathetic as that is overall.

the largest mex population in the state is in nw ohio in the summer when the seasonal farm workers come. i have no idea how much trump has blown up that up these days. some of those folks ended up staying around in toledo, becoming legal citizens and working at the jeep factory and the like. i used to know a few people.
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