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Originally Posted by Docere View Post
Puerto Ricans are the largest Hispanic group in Flordia outside the Miami area. Orlando is 14% Puerto Rican.
Overall State of Florida numbers for Hispanics:
Cuban: 1,213,438 (~850k are in Miami-Dade, ~1 million in Miami metro)
Puerto Rican: 847,550
Mexican: 629,718
Colombian: 300,414
Nicaraguan: 135,143
Honduran: 107,302
Venezuelan: 102,116
Peruvian: 100,965

Compared to a Western state. here is California. Much more monolithic:
Mexican: 11,423,146
Salvadoran: 573,956
Guatemalan: 332,737
Puerto Rican: 189,945
Nicaraguan: 100,790
(Spaniard: 142,194)
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