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Originally Posted by Capsicum View Post
Does the Mexican/Puerto Rican line also reflect their relative share of immigration history by land vs. by sea?

The Southwestern Mexican communities and those of the Texas, Great Plains, Chicago I think had a land route (Chicago's early Mexican community in the 1910s came up from the southwest), whereas the Hispanics (including Puerto Ricans and others, both islanders and Central/South Americans) crossed the sea, naturally.

I'm also curious as to if Mexican communities in the East tend to be those who internally migrated from Mexican communities in the West/Southwest rather than independently moved from Mexico directly, by plane or sea.
I suppose one can speak of a "Caribbean Hispanic east" that's comprised of the Northeast, Cleveland and Florida. Dominicans seem to be in places where the PR population was significant already but are far more limited to a few places.

PRs and Dominicans live alongside more with Blacks (many do have African ancestry), much more than Mexicans do in US cities. Cubans are mostly white and accepted as such, and have a higher socioeconomic status.

In the South outside Florida Hispanics are very recent (it was pretty much Black and White until 1990 or so) and mostly Mexican.

In the DC/Baltimore area Salvadorans are the largest group by far.
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