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Originally Posted by ChrisLA View Post
Me too, thanks

I also have another cat name Brandy that was born with no tail. I'll have to post a picture of her later. She's one of those lap kitty's, and loves lots of attention. A person cannot sit down long before she's trying to jump in your lap. This is with visitors at my home too.

Since I'm not into giving her that kind of attention. She will sneak up on me when I'm taking a nap in my recliner. If I'm not paying attention, like talking on the phone. Before I know it I have a cat sitting on me, and then I have to almost peel her off of me. One of the strangest cats I've ever had.

She also hates being outside, and will whine as if someone is torturing her if you put her outside. I don't think I've ever seen a cat that does not like to got outside every once and a while.
I am envious! Chloe and Kramer are affectionate but not quite to that extent.
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