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Originally Posted by LoneStarMike View Post
About 24 hours ago, Wilson's Daddy (me) was not too thrilled, either. I've always been a dog person, and this is my first cat. I adopted him from a shelter at my local Pet Smart about seven months ago. He's turned into a real good pet and is way easier to take care of than all my previous dogs were and I love him very much.

However, Wilson has acted kind of funny three different times since being adopted. A friend of mine who knows way more about cats than I do came over Thursday and told me what he thought Wilson's "issue" was. I didn't believe my friend at first, so I took Wilson back to my vet, who has already seen him twice since I got him last August.

The vet confirmed that my friend was right.

"Wilson" is a female, and not the neutered male his paperwork said he was supposed to be. And she's in heat.
I'm not upset that Wilson is a girl instead of a boy. I was, however, upset that I thought I adopted a neutered cat, and now "she" will have to be spayed.

To their credit, the shelter that adopted him out is making things right and they did it without me even asking. Within five minutes of my calling them, they had set up an appointment to have Miss Wilson fixed and they are paying for it.

My neighbor, who is feeding Wilson while I go out of town this weekend, laughed hysterically when I told her, "Guess what I found out today? Wilson is a lesbian."

Daddy's butch little girl.

At any rate, the look on my face when I found all this out yesterday, was about the same as the look on Wilson's face in the photo I posted above. BTW, I'm not changing "her" name. I'll just call her Miss Wilson from now on.
My cats in heat too except I have to pay to get her fixed... Ahh! It drives me crazy when she's meowing at night and won't shut up!
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