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Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post
Nope. Never saw or heard of them. I feel left out. I love me some salsa. We have El Lago chips here. Made fresh at a factory in East Austin. Delicious. There's another local brand too that we get every once in a while, but the name escapes me. Tonight we got some Tostitos chips and salsa. I've never had that before, so I'll critique it after I give it a taste.
The SA flavored chips were put out by Lay's in '03, and they also did some other city flavors as well as part of a program called "Taste of America."

Here's what it said on the SA chips packaging:
"Lay's® Tastes of America™ Potato Chips are the ideal way to experience the unique flavors from across America without ever leaving home. Twice a year, we will introduce two new flavors from different regions of the country. Each flavor will be around for a limited time only, so enjoy them while they last. San Antonio is known for many things — the historic battle at the Alamo, the pristine beauty of the River Ralk and the panoramic views seen from the Tower of the Americas. But another thing that has made San Antonio famous is its salsa — the kind that blends the mouthwatering taste of fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions. This unique taste experience is exactly what our San Antonio Salsa Artificially Flavored Potato Chips capture for you."

More info:

Anyway, they were really good, and too bad Lay's doesn't make it anymore
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