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Originally Posted by DruidCity View Post
Okay, here's mine:
Texas State University is in the process of developing a full-scale engineering program. Do any of you have suggestions for potential degree programs that might fill a niche that UT is too big and busy to fool with, partnerships with central Texas corporations, or anything else to make the Austin-San Antonio corridor a better place ?
A few years ago John Kelso wrote an article about San Marcos trying to stop partying by cutting the power to the host's home. In it he talked about Hell's 40 Acres and Southwest. IIRC, his exact words were, "When I walk across UT's campus I feel like an old man; when I walk across Southwest Texas State I feel like a dirty old man."
I made enough money to buy Miami but I pissed it away so fast (while getting a lot of airline miles and hotel stays)...
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