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When I was a little kid, we visited Eldon House in London, Ontario, and I was told it was haunted and given a ghost tour brochure with a very frightening drawing on it.

This page warns that it is indeed a LEVEL 2 HAUNTING, so...

Our old house in the South End of Halifax was built on the site of an old, Colonial-era prison and neither my parents nor I liked being in the basement. At 13, of course, teenage autonomy-desire beat out ghost fears and I moved my room down there, but it had a very odd feel. My mother said she felt a pair of arms wrap around her once.

I guess my mom is a bit of a sensitive one, actually. Before we moved to the South End, she and my dad apparently looked at this house:

It took five minutes upstairs for her to tell him that no, under no circumstances could we live there. Apparently it had just an awful feel, claustrophobic and fearful. A family friend told us that an Irish domestic servant was mistreated badly there back in the day, but that may just be neighbourhood folklore.
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