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Forget the CTBUH's official height, the spire is architecturally a sham of what it was meant to be. What you shouldn't forget is that there's plenty of blame to go around.

1. Durst for wanting to line his pockets with his share of the "cost savings".
2. The head of the Port Authority for agreeing to it.
3. Gov's. Cuomo and Christie as they ultimately have responsibility for what the Port Authority does.

It'll be fascinating what the self-appointed experts at the CTBUH decide. I hope it prompt change within to their categories. As it stands though I predict they'll hang their hat on this rule
functional-technical equipment is subject to removal/addition/change as per prevalent technologies
It may not be the intended architecture and it may not be good architecture but I think they'll call it architecture as its height is immutable and part of the original design.

Too many people, if those in the know on these forums, think if it has broadcasting equipment it's an antenna and if it doesn't it's a spire. That's just not what their rules say.