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^^ The oil centers were Bucharest, Constanta and Ploiesti. In the 30s the main industries were focused on trains, trams and cars. Also agriculture had a big part in the economy. A big part in the economy had the many US companies and the Romanian-US joint ventures


1936. Constanta. The largest abbatoir in Romania, used only for export. Architect Nicolae Nenciulescu

1937, Marila TB Sanitarium, arch. Grigore Ionescu

Dunarea Hotel Bucharest

Grivita Hotel Bucharest

1937. Otava Villa, Constanta

1934 Sun Fire Office Bucharest, arc. Herman Clejan

1934. Wald villa, Constanta. Arch. Harry Goldstein

1933, Woodrow Wilson Office Tower Bucharest, arch. State Balosin

1939. Giulesti Soccer Stadium Bucharest, arch. Gheorghe Dumitrescu

Late 30s, Constanta, Home for disabled veterans. arch. Ioan Capsuneanu
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